GMWeb Design Terms & Conditions

  The subsequent terms & conditions relate to all website development/design products and services supplied by GMWeb Design for the Client.
1.  Endorsement
  It is not needed for any Client to have signed an endorsement of these terms & conditions for them to apply. If a Client agrees to a quotation then the Client will be considered to have completely satisfied their selves as to the terms being applied and have approved these terms & conditions in full.
  Please go through these terms & conditions thoroughly.
Any investment or use of GMWeb Design services signifies that you have read through and approved our terms & conditions.
2.  Prices
  Fees for services to be supplied by GMWeb Design are identified in the estimate that the Client will get either verbally or by means of e-mail. Estimates are valid for a time period of thirty days. GMWeb Design reserves the authority to adjust or refuse to provide an estimate after expiry of the thirty days.
All website design products require an advance settlement on agreement to using GMWeb Design services, unless arranged differently with the Client.
Settlement for services and products will be paid by cheque or bank transfer. Details for payments will be given upon agreement to any quotation.
3.  Client Overview
  GMWeb Design will present the Client with a chance to review the look and content of the website throughout the design stage via our domain host. After the entire website development is concluded the website will be set live on the Client`s domain host.
The Client reserves the right to set their website live to their host at any time during the development.
At the finalisation of the website, all components will be considered to be accepted and authorised by the Client.
4.  Turn-around Period & Content Management
  GMWeb Design will deploy and widely post or provide the Clients` website on completion, unless arranged differently with the Client.
Throughout the development of the client`s website, the client will be responsible for providing website content material; written text via email, pictures, photos, videos and sound data.
5.  Failing to provide necessary website content material:
  GMWeb Design is a small company, to continue to be efficient we must make sure that work we have planned is carried out at the appointed time. Occasionally we may have to turn down offers for other jobs and inquiries to assure that your work is achieved at the time specified.

That is why we request that you supply all the required material as soon as possible. Occasionally where development cannot be produced with your website due to the fact we have not been provided with the necessary information in the arranged period of time, and we are postponed as a consequence, we reserve the right to pause development until a time frame becomes available to continue the work required to complete your project.

If you consent to supply us with the required data and consequently fail to do so, we reserve the right to shut down the undertaking and no balances are refundable.
In other words, all the above statement claims is do not offer us the go ahead to begin until you are ready to take action, as GMWeb Design will have done the work they were paid for.

PLEASE NOTE: Text written content needs to be provided as a MS Word, E-mail (or comparable) document with the pages in the provided document symbolising the content of the appropriate pages on the website. These pages need to have the equivalent titles as the arranged website pages.
Let us know if you require clarification with this.
6.  Payments
  Invoices will be supplied by GMWeb Design after agreed quotation. Invoices are usually sent via E-mail; even so, the Client may select to be given a hard copy of their invoices.
Invoices are owing upon delivery. Accounts that continue being unpaid 30 days following the date of the invoice shall be classed as un-paid and all provided services will be powered down.
To reactivate your services within a period of 30 days following the power down an administration fee of £25.00 will be applied to the invoice and your services will resume upon payment being complete.
Accounts that continue being unpaid 60 days following the date of the invoice shall be classed as un-paid and all provided services will be cancelled and deleted from GMWeb Design`s servers (No reactivation service will be available).
7.  Additional Costs
  Client confirms to compensate GMWeb Design for any additional costs needed for the completion of the projects. Instances would be the purchase of additional domain names, software requirements etc.
Client would be notify prior to purchases.
8.  Website Browsers
  GMWeb Design generates every attempt to make sure websites are developed to be seen by the mass of visitors. Websites are constructed to work together with the most well-known existing browsers, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari etc. Client confirms that GMWeb Design are not able to promise correct performance with all browser software throughout various operating systems.

GMWeb Design are unable to accept accountability for web pages that do not display effectively in new releases of web browsers after the website has been created and passed over to the Client. Therefore, GMWeb Design reserves the right to estimate for any work included in altering the website design or website codes for it to work with modified browsers.
9.  Account Default
  Invoices unsettled thirty days following the date of invoice shall be deemed as in default. When a Client in default retains any details or files on GMWeb Design's server space, GMWeb Design will, at its discretion, get rid of all such materials from its server space. GMWeb Design is not accountable for any loss of data suffered due to the removal of the services. Removal of such materials does not alleviate the Client of the responsibility to pay any outstanding fees assessed to the Clients` accounts. Cheques returned for inadequate funds will incur a return fee of £25 and the Clients` accounts will instantly be regarded to be in default until complete payment is received. Client`s with accounts in default consent to pay GMWeb Design realistic expenses, such as legal fees and charges for collection by third-party companies, incurred by GMWeb Design in enforcing these Terms & Conditions.
10.  Termination
  Termination of our services from the Client is required to be in a written notice and shall be effective on collection of such notice in writing. Email or phone requests for termination of GMWeb Design services may not be honoured until and unless verified in writing. The Client shall be invoiced for website design work fulfilled to the date of the notice of termination, for which payment shall be paid in full in less than thirty days.
11.  Indemnity
  All GMWeb Design products and services may be utilised for lawful functions only. The Client agrees to indemnify and maintain GMWeb Design harmless from any kind of claims arising from your use of our services that damages you or any type of third party.
12.  Copyrights
  Any Client holds the copyright to information, files, pictures and graphical logos supplied by the Client, and allows GMWeb Design the rights to use and publish such materials. Client`s must acquire permission and rights to utilise any details or files which are copyrighted by the third party. Client`s are further accountable for allowing GMWeb Design authorisation and the rights for usage of the same and concurs to indemnify and hold harmless GMWeb Design from every claim resulting from the Clients` neglect or inability to acquire the appropriate copyright permissions. An agreement for web design and/or emplacement shall be considered as an assurance by the Client to GMWeb Design that all such permissions and regulators have been acquired. Proof of permissions and regulators may be sought after.
13.  Typical Media Supply
  Except if otherwise stipulated in the development quote, this Agreement considers that any textual content will be supplied by the Client in an electrical format (Via E-mail or memory stick etc.) and that all photos and other images will be supplied physically in high quality printing suitable for scanning or digitally in .jpeg, .gif, .tiff or .png data format. Even though every realistic attempt shall be done by GMWeb Design to return back to the Client all graphics or printed materials supplied for use in development of the Clients` web site, such returns are not able to be guaranteed.
14.  Development Credit
  A hyperlink to GMWeb Design will appear as a small type or with a small image at the lower part of the Clients` webpage. If an image is utilised, it will be created to fit in together with the overall site style. If a Client asks for the design credit be taken off, a moderate fee of £12.25 will be applied to their annual payments. All Clients also agrees that the websites created for the Client could be presented in GMWeb Design's website portfolio.
15.  Access Arrangements
  When the Clients` website is required to be set up on a 3rd party host, GMWeb Design needs to be granted momentary read/write accessibility to the Clients` storing directories which has to be accessible by way of FTP. Based upon on the specific aspects of the development, other resources may also have to be set up on the server.
16.  Post-Placing Modifications
  GMWeb Design is not able to accept accountability for any alterations brought about by a 3rd party taking place to the Clients` web pages when the website is established. Such modifications include, but are not restricted to additions, adjustments or deletions.
17.  Domain Names
  GMWeb Design may obtain domain names on behalf of a Client. Fees and renewal of these domain names is the responsibilities of the Client via payments to GMWeb Design, who hold the ownership of the domain names. Transfers of GMWeb Design`s Domain names will incur an administration fee of £10.00. In the case where the Client has obtained the Domain names through their own supplier, the fees and renewal of these domain names is the responsibilities of the Client. The loss, cancellations or otherwise on the domain carried about by none or overdue payment is not the accountability of GMWeb Design. The Client must keep a log of the due dates for repayment to make sure that payment is obtained in good time.
18.  General Conditions
  The following Terms & Conditions take the place of all earlier illustrations, understanding or legal agreements. The Clients` payments of an upfront fee indicates agreement to and endorsement of these Terms & Conditions. Payment on the internet is an endorsement of our terms & conditions.
19.  Governing Laws
  These Terms & Conditions will be governed with the English Law and does not affect your statutory rights.
20.  Liabilities
  GMWeb Design hereby excludes themselves, its Staff members and or Agencies from all and any liabilities from:

Loss or destruction caused by any inaccuracies;
Loss or destruction caused by omissions;
Loss or destruction caused by postponements or mistakes, whether as a result of neglect or other cause in the development of the website;
Loss or destruction to Clients' art work/photographs, supplied for the website. Inconsequential whether the loss or destruction effects from negligence or differently.

The complete liability of GMWeb Design to the Client in regard of any claim in anyway or breach of these Terms & Conditions, whether or not stemming out of negligence, shall be restricted to the charges settled for the Services under these Terms & Conditions in regard of which the breach has occurred.
21.  Severability
  In case a provision of these Terms & Conditions is decided by any court or some other qualified authority to become unlawful and/or unenforceable, the other procedures will remain in effect. If any unlawful and/or unenforceable provision may be lawful or enforceable if sections of it were removed, that part will be regarded to be erased, and the remaining of the provision will proceed in effect.


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