Website Hosting In Manchester With GMWeb Design

Website Hosting Manchester

What Is Hosting?

To always be capable of viewing your website on the internet you require a host. You will discover thousands of hosting companies, so many that it can be very confusing for first time users looking to host their website.

GMWeb Design take care of all this for you as part of the package deal, so you don’t need to worry. We use a very secure, consistent and reliable hosting service to operate your website on.

"Secure & Reliable Website Hosting In Manchester With GMWeb Design"

Domain Names & Email Addresses

Selecting a domain name for your company is a very important component of constructing the website and there are lots of mistakes that people make when creating the domain name.

GMWeb will assist you with the selection of your domain name you need to have and advise you the best way to go that will support your website's optimisation. Also you may discover that the domain name you require is not accessible, we can help you overcome this. Again once your part of the GMWeb family you don't need to be concerned about all the challenging set up requirements as we take care of this to suit your needs in the package.

GMWeb Design can also help you set up your business email addresses and assist you in configuring your computers to send and receive the mail.

Do You Have Your Own Domain or Website?

We have had several companies transfer from their existing website designer to the GMWeb family and in every instance it is because they have compared what they are receiving against somebody they know that uses GMWeb Design.

Transferring from your existing package to GMWeb can be a distressing thought and you may be concerned about the fact that your existing website is established.

BUT first of all ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I get a good service from my designer?
  • Is my website doing what I want it to?
  • Is my designer flexible?
  • Do I get a speedy response from my designer?
  • Do I get what I pay for and am I satisfied with my existing package?
If your response to any of the above is NO – Then we would recommend you to have a quick conversation with us.

Transferring domains is NOT daunting & you don’t have to be concerned about how or what you need to do, as GMWeb will help & guide you through the transfer.


  • We were delighted with the design of our new website by GM Web Design. They have some great innovating ideas which are very effective at getting the maximum exposure initially.
  • GMWeb has been excellent, they gave a personal yet professional service, which was extremely quick!  We have since recommended GMWeb Design to our client`s.
  • GMWeb Design came highly recommended to me and I have to say using GMWeb was one of the best decisions we made. We would not hesitate in recommending GMWeb Design to anyone.